The Lofts on Main

Our home base –
located in Niles, Michigan.

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A moment that we were made for…

You know how sometimes, you make a decision, or one thing happens and then it just seems like everything else falls into place?

This is that moment for us, and The Clinic…


We went to Niles because we have family there. There was a building. There was a seed of an idea about a way we could help, and if we were going to do that, we wanted somewhere kind of neutral and somewhere we wanted to spend time, and somewhere geographically central and easy to get to from cities where people would travel to, but not necessarily with the busy nature of a city, or the cost.

So it started with a family and building, and then… it started to unfold.

Pro Sound Web is based in Niles. EV started just down the road from our building. The French Paper Company is based in Niles, a place where environmentally-conscious artists source their concert posters. Umphrey’s McGee has roots here, as does Tommy James and the Shondells. It might not be a vortex, but it certainly feels like a lot of lines come together here.


Then there’s the building itself, which just feels like a special kind of safe, from the minute you walk in, even without walls. It was the original telegraph building, which feels right, too. How could there be a better history than one about how we communicated over distances for the first time? Then there are all the things around us that also just happen to exist here. There’s a 20+ mile bike/walking path along two rivers less than a block from the building. There’s a concert pavilion and a theater, a brand new gym across the street, a pilates studio a few doors down, our therapist across the street, a new distillery and a new brewery blocks apart, restaurants that cater to vegans and people with gluten intolerances…The town is so welcoming and willing to support our efforts and our community. It’s so… warm.


The Lofts will all be little havens. A place to be not-at-work and not-at-home and not-full-of-expectations. Families will be able to be somewhere safe and neutral and supportive.

For some people, that might be all they need. For others, it will give them space for healing – whether that’s through therapy or an environment where talking through the complex set of emotions that often come with being on the road brings about. For some it will be a place for recovery.

When you’re surrounded by people who have been through the same things, it’s a lot easier to feel understood, to face and talk about the things you’ve all felt for years, but haven’t been able to really unpack. The Lofts will be a place just for that. A little reset button, in the middle of the country, in Niles, MI.